Calzo_24 (Most commonly known as Calzo) was, and still is, a fucking idiot. He joined on May 21st, 2014, and has not really done anything memorable in a long time. I mean there was that whole mystery thingy but that was kinda dumb y'know, maybe he'll do something cooler, like ride a flaming horse into the bakery, wielding a sword made from pigskin and rabbit hide, stabbing himself in the chest while asking for a bagel. Now that's interesting.

Looks and Nooks n other useless shit Edit

Ok so Calzo has gone by a few different usernames and outfits and shit but who really cares

  • 2014 - Calzo_24
  • 2015 - Calz0
  • 2016 - Calzo_

What a loser.

Stuff Calzo did Edit

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