Overview Edit

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Burlington at night.

Burlington was the capital city in World 4 of Allimore. It was created in a desert biome with a river flowing on the side and plains on either sides of it.

Layout Edit

The city was quite large with a centalized market with sign shops for the players and a central mine. From the spawn point there was the main street which had many commercial buildings, the capitol building and the living areas on the side and rear of it. It had a large apartment complex in the south as well as a high wealth neighborhood which featured six nice townhouses.

Landmarks Edit

ABC Building Edit

This Atlas building Company had the tallest building in the city with it logo "ABC" in red letters on its side. The company was owned by redrabbit348.

The RoA Flag Edit

There was a large RoA flag made of wool on a large flag pole and is still to this date the largest flag ever made. It overlooked the entire city.

The Council Building Edit

This map featured the first council building, it was made out of quartz and was situated on the outskirts of town. It had a traditional roman design with a circular construction and a center area for the speaker to stand.

Legacy Edit

The city paved the way for a new era of Council-Member governments within the clan. With the construction of the first council building gave way to the Charleston-Era council structure. The city also inspired Red to make cities with skylines and beauty instead of the functionality.

Trivia Edit

  • The city was constructed around the center area made by Adam.
  • The capitol building wasn't ever finished, just like many capitol buildings of the clan.
  • Not much exploring was done outside of the city so not much else is known about the world around it.

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