The Book of Quotes were a series of published books by OffTheAir that came into creation sometime during World 4 of Allimore, within the city of Burlington. Their creation came about after redrabbit348 suggested


that any funny and/or memorable quotes spoken by clan members should be documented in a book and quill. They were first sold in the Burlington Library, and later sold at Hach n' Noble, Hach's bookstore.

Composition Edit

The Book of Quotes were released in a series of editions, each consisting of a minimum of ten quotes (with a couple exceptions). Each individual page within the books consisted of a heading detailing the quote #, a humorous title, and the members involved with the creation of the specific quote.

Popularity Edit

They were the most read publication in both the Burlington Library and Hach n' Noble, and at one point even sold out.

Flaws and Eventual Discontinuation Edit

While the Book of Quotes were fairly successful, it had a short lifetime due to a variety of factors:

  • Book and Quills had a slow and difficult text editor for writing down the quotes. In addition, pages are not particularly long, and some quotes required two or more full pages in order to be properly presented.
  • Motivation for writing the books slowly became weaker and weaker.
  • Due to the lifespan of worlds, especially back in 2013, the books were only useful for a one-time laugh and couldn't be transferred to the next world. This essentially meant that the many quotes documented within the various editions were lost forever when the world was reset.
  • Skype, Discord, and even Enjin at one point, became a source for sharing and preserving funny quotes, making the Book of Quotes worthless.

The last appearance of the Book of Quotes was during World 6 in the Amos Hach n' Noble. However, only one edition was released, and this became the final one.

The Infamous Book of Quotes I Edit

On the day that Red first conceived of the Book of Quotes, he was presented with a final copy from Air which was then greenlit to become the first book.

The exchange of this final copy, however, occurred in the open desert portion of Burlington which was flooded with cacti. When Red went to give Air back the final copy, he unknowingly tossed it onto a cactus, destroying it immediately. Air was furious and ended up having to gather all the quotes and recreate the book from scratch.

Humorously enough, however, the reactions between Air and Red during the destruction of BoQ I made it in the second edition.

"Quote That!" Edit

The Book of Quotes spawned the popular phrase "Quote That!" as well as its accompanying acronym "QT." Anytime someone said a quote deemed worthy of being documented, a member would shout the phrase and the quote would be written down in the Book of Quotes.

It was discontinued with the Book of Quotes, only resurfacing a couple times.

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