Overview Edit


Atlas Territory circa 2015, with Bedford pictured center.

Bedford or New Bedford was the Atlas capital city on the server of Agion. The city had 16 residents, also the current amount of Atlas members. It was founded in early September, 2015 by Red and the Atlasians. Bedford was found in the lower hemisphere of Agion, on a plains biome with a lake and several forests nearby. Due to it's location, three clans are directly connected by road leading to the self-appointed nickname of "The Central City".

Construction Edit

Screenshot (9)

Early Bedford

The city saw rapid development during the first two weeks of the Agion colonization. After that a period of inactivity


The final picture of Bedford

lasted for three months and the city stayed unfinished. Then in early January, 2016 a burst of activity led to the beautification of the city. Many roads were finished, street lights added, buildings built and most importantly a connection was established between the city and the northern territory of the Grand Spencorian Empire.

This new development led to more farms being established, sewers being constructed under the city and a new brewery had also been established by Sirrockyqo. Further plans include to redo the road system to a more modern look as well as to finish the large citadel.

Layout & Features Edit

2016-01-20 20.04.06

Entrance to the Farms

Streets and Crossroads Edit

Most of the buildings are on one of two streets, Grand Avenue and Kachirho Street. Grand ran east to west and Kachirho north to south. Most of the shops, public buildings and resources are on Grand Avenue while many players live on Kachirho Street. Grand lead to the Holy Lithandian Empire, Kachirho led to Kingdom of Anglesan as well as the Guiza Alliance.

Economy Edit


The Atlas Guardians Uniform

The city featured a plethora of farms, being located on a plains biome made farmland readily available. A major trade was horses, with the stables being very widely used and a horse mart on the south side of town.

The PVP Arena Edit


The Central Lake

Bedford also featured a PVP arena with the Atlas team being called the Guardians. Although they never played in an official league some games were played against other clans on Agion.

The Central Lake Edit

As shown in the dynmap picture earlier in this article, the city was built around a lake. As time went, the land around this lake was developed and it became a park with an elegant sculpture surrounding it as well as several houses overlooking it.

Drakon's Citadel Edit

2016-01-20 20.05.09

View when entering from the East, Drakon's large citadel.

Although not 100% finished, Drakon_Eques constructed a massive citadel that was almost the same size as Bedford itself. It was meant to be a fort for the city in case of times of war but was not finished in time.

KyhleX's House and Tower Edit


Kyhle's house

The tallest building in all of Bedford was located on the hill overlooking the city. KyhleX resided in this beautiful structure and it was the first thing travelers saw when entering the City. Kyhle also started on a Greek style tower but it was never finished.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite many horses in Bedford, all can be traced back to three horses brought back thousands of blocks to Bedford by Sirrockyqo and Red. Horses only spawn near Agion spawn which is very far away from Bedford.
  • Bedford was one of the few cities on Agion to feature roads leading to other clans and the only one to connect three clans together.
  • The name "Bedford" came from Failselective who unimaginatively recommended it to Draxx when he was naming the town. Fail was of course thinking of Bedford from world 6.

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