Overview Edit

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Azov is the current capital city of Atlas. It is the 14th capital city in the clan's history (when considering Sorento and Columbia as separate capital cities despite being on the same world), the first city of the thirteenth world, and the second capital city of Allimore 2.0.

Founded on May 1st, 2017 the city is located on an island converted from mostly oak and bitch trees to jungle trees. Planned for the city is a tropical theme.

Layout Edit

The city has a central lake surrounded by a walkway. Four main roads lead out from this epicenter and branch out within the island. The road feature an unique design;a 7 wide road with a block wide median containing vegetation. Jungle trees shield citizens on the road from the sun and look great with the oak plank material.

When travelers first arrive at Port Azov, they first see the community center which is located on the far east end of the island. The agricultural area is located there as well.

Notable Buildings Edit

Ye Olde Church of Oism Edit

Styled after many old English churches, the Oism church within Azov is overgrown with vines and features two towers with a main worshiping area.

Trivia Edit

  • The island was first found by ColtonAmour.
  • Azov is the first city in Allimore history to feature wooden roads.
    Azov Dynmap

    Azov's island from dynmap as of June 16th, 2017.

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