Overview and Background Edit

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Ariel view of Atlo, from dynmap.

Alto was a very small town in World 5 of Allimore. It was known as being a snow town and featured a spleef arena, stables, town hall, many houses and Red's mansion. The town was founded by Red.

Being only a few minutes walk from Charleston, the town saw heavy foot traffic from travelers heading to Kachirho.

Residents Edit

  • Red
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  • Alg
  • KyhleX (had a plot near the townhall but didn't build anything)
  • SrSucesso (bought 2 plots,and fused them together,didn't build anything aswell)
  • 2 other unknown members
  • Genclone created a large mansion for Red.

Notes Edit

  • Alto at many times was inactive due to the fact of the snow, not many people wanted to live there.
  • Alto had a teleport station.
  • Alto was the first stop on the way to Kachirho.