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Welcome to the Allimore Wikia! Allimore is a minecraft server and community. This wikia is a history book meant to preserve the fun our group has had throughout the years. Please, help by adding a page!

Lore and Backstory Edit

In late 2016, Allimore 2.0 was founded and lore was created to help create a realistic and immersive experience. This lore, written by Red was created to explain the fantasy elements of minecraft and set the stage for present-day Allimore.

Here is a link to the lore.

How do I make a page? Edit

So you want to add to the wikia do you? Well follow these guidelines to make your very own page. You can make a page about anything on this wikia as long as it relates to the server and follows a short guideline. For making towns or landmarks please use this guideline or look at the example here.

Towns or Landmarks Outline Edit

- Overview of town: include the date and world number.

- Layout: any pictures if available.

- Residents: list any you remember, if unknown please state that.

- Legacy: if the town still plays a part in Allimore today or is remembered for anything.

- Trivia or Notes: any extra information you have on the town/city.

If you want to make a player bio about yourself use this outline for an exampled please look here.

Player Bio's Outline Edit

- Name of player.

- Info on how long they were/are on allimore.

- Pictures if any.

- Role they had on the server.

- Trivia or Notes.

History of the ServerEdit

Allimore began when redrabbit348 decided to try running a server for himself in late 2012. He had been on many before but didn't quite know what he wanted to do with his server. After he purchased a server (computer was too weak to host) he tried out many names for his server but eventually settled on "Guardian-Craft". This name was inspired by many of the servers he had played on (back in 2013 the "craft" suffix was very popular for servers). The server was a combination of PVP and survival elements. Although he was starting to get the hang of running a server, things didn't work out and the server failed. Plans were quickly made for a sequel server.

This new server was to have a relatively creative concept for minecraft at the time; it was to be all underground. This meant all resources would have to found underground. Despite having an original idea, the server once again failed after a month due to lack of interest and plugins. By this time another member of the server and later-to-be admin, 410ham had an idea of a Fallout style adventure map. He convinced Red to make the map with him and the two set off to build.

The server was retrofitted to become a build server and builders were hired from the It was during this map that the first co-owner of The Republic of Atlas, Ranginggod, was met. The map lasted for roughly three months before closing due to, once again, lack of interest. By this time Red and Range wanted to try something new with a new server. It was winter of 2012 (December maybe?) when a thread was made on MCF (minecraftforums) and range, red and some of red's friends set off to make this new server.

World 1 was created in 2013 with new hopes of a clan server, something that was new to Red and range. In January a new thread was created and applications poured in, now famous members like OffTheAir and Sirrockyqo were some of the first.

The server would go through many map resets until the Republic of Atlas reached a consensus to allow other clans onto the server. The first clan to join the world was The Grand Spencorian Empire or GSE. The next map, another clan- The Oligarchy of Nirigore was allowed on. More poured into the server and soon a healthy world was esatblished by World 8.

Unfortunatley, World 8 would be the last prosperous world for Allimore. After The Allimore-Mirage Cold War, redrabbit348 decided he needed to step back and the server was shut down for the time being.

In late 2016 Allimore 2.0 was created, this time with a more emphasis on RP and nation building. The server now has set lore and story to it, it is open for clans to join and participate in making history.

Latest activityEdit

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