algbbg, also known as alg or just Ahren, is a long running member of the Republic of Atlas. He has been involved with Atlas since World 4 and still remains somewhat active with the RoA community. He has served as an Admin, Owner, and Player of the Republic of Atlas

History of Algbbg Edit

Minecraft Beginnings Edit

Algbbg originally purchased Minecraft not knowing about clans or many servers. This bit of ignorance led to playing minigames on The Hive and being attacked by creepers in single player mode. He went to school one day and was told by Dazykirk about a server known as Saltcraft. It wasn't until this server became a bit boring that I came across RoA.

Joining the Republic of Atlas Edit

Around 2013, algbbg was told about the Republic of Atlas. It was at this time that he applied on the Minecraft Forums to become a member, which was accepted very quickly. He joined during the Burlington world and quickly began feeling at home with fellow members. He lived in a small apartment in the city and went on with his days mining and farming. When the next map reset occured, he went on to apply with Red for a moderator position. He was granted a moderator position and soon became an admin.

The Growth of Atlas (After Joining) Edit

After a few months of joining, Atlas began to grow. algbbg began becoming close friends with the members of RoA such as the veteran members, OffTheAir, redrabbit348, hacher5, and failselective. The clan began to grow quite rapidly which brought in new members such as Colt and Marcopolo. OffTheAir, algbbg, Aperture_Pro and many other members began working on a mass project known as the Atlas Games, which was themed like the Minecraft Olympics. It was during this time that the server was quite successful and did not face many issues.

The Slow Decline of Atlas and Allimore Edit

Atlas had continued to grow for a while, but when more clans became involved in Allimore, drama began. The creation of MirageMC made it hard to keep a growing clan server and put stress on both the player base and staff team of Allimore.

When the clan began to decline even further, Red handed ownership of RoA to Air. Air seemed a bit stressed which worsened the situation. After many more issues and sad times, Air decided it was time to leave the clan. It was after his departure that Mike became the owner of the clan while Red decided to take a break.

Becoming the New Owner of the Server Edit

After Red's departure, algbbg became the new owner of the server. He created a server with Genclone which was named Andromeda. The server featured a custom map to avoid chunk errors and unfortunately had small success. It was during this time that Mirage created more pressure on the server and it came to a consensus that this server should be an Atlas only affair. During the short period of time that the server was online, it lost popularity and shortly died. algbbg felt like he may have disappointed everyone who was a member of RoA, which eventually began the slow descent of activity for him.

The Loss of a Friend Edit

In late 2015, after the end of Andromeda, bad news fell upon RoA and its members. We were alerted that a fellow member and friend, Ment4lAsylum, had committed suicide. It was at this time that algbbg and many fellow members began to mourn the loss of a dear friend, which led to more pressure on both algbbg and RoA. At this time algbbg added a flower to his skin, in honor of Ment. We had a ceremony for Ment on the sever and afterwards activity declined further for alg.

The Decline of algbbg's Activity Edit

After awhile, algbbg went in search of Valdrec, an old friend from Allimore. It was at this time that algbbg went off to multiclan and became the Co-Owner of the Bulwark. During this time, he spent most of his days inside of MirageMC running one of the most powerful clans on the server. He also belonged to the Draconic Ascension for a small time when Valdrec was a member. After the eventual fallout of the Bulwark on Mirage, algbbg disappeared almost entirely from both the RoA and Minecraft community, but remained Co-Owner of the Bulwark Gaming Community. Further in time, the Bulwark had a fallout with Valdrec, which led to the eventual unfriending and breaking of the close friendship.

algbbg's Return to Atlas Edit

After this fallout, algbbg joined the RoA discord and began to move back toward RoA. As of now, he is back and plans to be a fully active member of the Republic of Atlas once again.