Background Edit

Academies of Oism were places of learning where Vanguards went to become Purists. They were massive underground structures constructed out of stonebrick and sometimes stone. These great structures had libraries, worship centers and living quarters for all the Purists living in them.

Once a Vanguard became a Purist they could choose to defend their cities or remain in the Academies where they would advance their knowledge in Oism.

The End War Edit

In an unknown time, one of the academies constructed a portal to a new dimension (now called The End) This led to The End War. It is speculated the End War destroyed most of the Academy rooms, which is why the one recovered example is in such bad shape.

Discovery Edit

Sirrockyqo is credited with finding the first Academy on Allimore. It has been heavily researched by the Atlas historical society. The finding of this vast underground structure was vital in understanding Purist scripts and texts and was the basis of all current knowledge.

It was discovered on an ancient text that there are at least two more Academies around Allimore, waiting to be found and their knowledge unlocked.

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