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(☞°∀°)☞ being used in the server chat.

(☞°∀°)☞ is an abstract text face that Dazykirk discovered sometime in 2013. Since its utilization in chat, it has been used throughout the many clan group chats throughout the year, even sparking some form of religion at some point (created by Oligarchy of Nirigore). Over the years, it has become a staple in the Allimore community, for better or worse. Many players have become agitated for its over usage, while others have praised it.

Details Edit

(☞°∀°)☞ is a rather complex text face; given that it uses more detailed icons than most. It has two glove-like fingers pointing to the right, and a face consisting of two circles and an upside down "A." While the meaning of the face can be interpreted differently, the most popular interpretations are: "Wassap!," "Aww yeah," "This guy gets it!," and "That's funny!"

When used in chat, (☞°∀°)☞ is rather infectious. If a member is to use it in chat, a peer will most likely reply in the same manner. Depending on how much of an effect the face has on the user, the chain can go on forever.

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