"They're the Same Person" is a popular assumption made by the majority of Atlas members regarding Sirrockyqo and Colton being the same person.

Sirr and Colt

History Edit

While Sirr and Colt have both been active members since 2013, the concerns regarding their many similarities didn't arise until at least a couple years later when their many zany discussions and "shitposting" in the Skype chat drew some attention.

The suspicions that arose from these similarities manifested into the commonly-said assumption phrase, "They're the same person," or "Colt and Sirr are the same person."

As of 2017, almost everyone including, but not limited to: Air, Dazy, Fail, and Red, believe that Sirr is playing as two different people. The claim that the roles could be reversed and Colt is playing as Sirr is illogical.

Reasoning Edit

Below is a list of similarities both Sirrockyqo and ColtonAmour share:

  • Shitposting
  • Both enjoy G-Mod/TF2 edited videos
  • Demon Spawn
  • Both are explorers
  • Trolls
  • Trash talk and have at least hated one member in Atlas history
  • Actually really cool
  • Both provoked Jon
  • Joined in the same year, not too far apart.
  • Sadistic
  • Nazism
  • Similar in the utilization of references (Jews, etc.)
  • Both have "o" in their name and are clear supporters of Oism.
  • Both make structures that Red hates or tries to change/get rid of
  • Both get along really well
  • Have made a loud noise in the voice channel (whether Discord or Skype) at least once and blew out someone's eardrums.

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